Texas - an unexpected battleground state as new poll has Biden leading by 5%

A new Dallas Morning News/University of Texas at Tyler poll released on Sunday has found the tide has shifted in Texas in favor of Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden, according to The Dallas Morning News. The poll, conducted between June 29 and July 7, shows Biden leading Donald Trump by 5 percentage points, 46% to 41%. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.24 percentage points. 14% of voters in the state are still undecided and could determine which way the state swings in November.

Biden has built his lead, in part due to softening support for Trump among independents and “weak partisans,” said Kenneth Bryant  Jr., a UT-Tyler political scientist who helped design the poll.

“While President Trump has and still enjoys near universal approval from Republicans, and overwhelming disfavor from Democrats, he has lost considerable ground among the folks  in the middle, who may ultimately decide who wins Texas in November,” Bryant explained.

Texas Poll results released Sunday

A CBS poll, also released on Sunday, has Joe Biden now leading Trump by 6% in Florida, another key battleground state. According to the CBS Poll, most voters say their state reopened too soon, and those who say this feel their state went too fast under pressure from the Trump administration. Most also say the president is doing a bad job handling the outbreak.