Workers were told they had to attend Trump's speech today or lose pay (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania on Tuesday at a construction site to discuss U.S. energy production.

He's trying to take credit for the complex that Shell announced it was building since 2012, midway through President Barack Obama's term. The Petrochemicals Complex will soon be completed after all this time.

"This never would have happened without me."

That's a total lie.

Despite this fact, Trump claimed about the current 2020 democratic candidates: “I don’t think they give a damn about Western Pennsylvania, do you?”

Interestingly, Shell also paid fluorescent-vest-clad workers to attend the event. We wonder what that was all about. That was quite the favor. It looked good for the image Trump is wanting to project to the nation, that's for sure.

Some workers were furious that the event was held during work hours, so they protested by not clocking in.

According to reports, this is the official "Do and Don'ts" list that workers had to follow to remain on good behavior at the company during Trump's visit.

This was all so they could pay homage to Trump even if they didn't want to.

"No shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance will be tolerated," the pamphlet demands among a whole host of other things.

According to the document, workers could avoid being bused to the event but it says they would forfeit overtime pay that Friday if they did. Basically: "if you don't come your paycheck will be lighter." That's not really a choice is it if you're an hourly worker trying to feed your family.