Wolf Blitzer has to tell Trump's racist adviser to stop yelling (VIDEO)

Today is a pretty hectic day.

Defense Secretary James Mattis just resigned.

The stock market plunged 500 points, making it one of the worst Decembers since the Great Depression.

Trump is moving through with his decision to withdraw troops from Syria and reports state he might also do the same for Afghanistan, making him at odds with his own party. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised him for this.

And, a government shutdown is looming. Trump won't sign a spending bill without it.

Now - Trump adviser Stephen Miller is on CNN's Wolf Blitzer and yelling. Blitzer had to tell him to quiet it down.

"Calm down a minute, we don't have to yell," Blitzer said.

The day isn't even over yet.

Here's more from their interview:

Blitzer also brought up the fact that President Trump's comments on ISIS being defeated one day and not defeated the next day weren't commensurate with one another.

"The President says on one day that ISIS is defeated. The next day he says ISIS is there and let Russia take care of it."

Miller said that "ISIS has been defeated."

Oh, and it looks like Miller took everyone's advice on the spray-on hair not being a good look for him. You can tell that he no longer had it.