Photos of Trump standing next to others prove he is lying about his height

President Donald Trump's latest medical report from the White House listed him in at 6'3" and 239 pounds. That gave him an on-paper BMI reading of 29.99, just under the "obese" category.

If it had listed him just one inch shorter, his BMI would have come in at 30.7, meaning all the newspapers the next day would report him as obese.

Our guess? Trump lied about his height in order to avoid this embarrassment.

Trump's own drivers license issued in 2012 showed his height as 6'2", but even that may not be correct.

So, how tall is Trump really?

We think he's somewhere closer to being 6'1." But, we'll let you be the judge.

Jeb Bush is 6'3". Look how he measures up when he was photographed standing next to the former governor.

Here's another angle, further away. You can clearly see where Trump's feet are in relation to others on the GOP debate stage, making sure no one is standing on a higher slope in relation to anyone else.

Again, Jeb Bush is very noticeably taller.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is 6'2", and Trump is shorter than him.

This was snapped at a recent world leader event.

Former President Barack Obama is 6'1" and when Trump was standing next to him at the official change of command ceremony on inauguration day, they pretty much look the same height.

See how much closer they are than the other pictures shown?

This is why we think Trump is really 6'1".

President Trump even has something in common with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, which is why we think he likes him so much.

The dictator's official height is listed as 5'7" but just like Trump, when you compare his height to others out in public, his real height is closer to 5'5".

So, that brings us back to why Trump would lie about his height. The lie was even coordinated by his White House doctor, who is supposed to tell the truth even if Trump won't.

This is why you can't trust anything coming out of this White House. If Trump would get his own health records edited in order to avoid embarrassment in the papers, then you know they will go to greater lengths to cover-up much more serious matters.

Trump's height is trivial and we really don't care. We just like being told the truth.

It's also our understanding that older men don't suddenly go through growth spurts in late age. In fact, the older you get, you actually can get shorter because the cartilage between joints become worn down.