When Trump was still a businessman he begged President Obama for a job but was rejected

It looks like Donald Trump called President Barack Obama's campaign manager during the 2010 BP oil spill to offer clean up services. He reportedly said “put me in charge of this thing.”

“‘Listen,’ Donald Trump said when I called him back. ‘That admiral you have down there running this leak operation seems like a nice guy, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I know how to run big projects. Put me in charge of this thing, and I’ll get that leak shut down and the damage repaired.'”

David Axelrod, though, wasn't impressed and instead Trump pitched him on building "beautiful ballrooms." Here's an excerpt from Axelrod's new book:

“‘But I’ve got another thing for you. I build ballrooms. Beautiful ballrooms. You can go to Tampa and check one of them out for yourself.’ Not being much of a dancer, I didn’t quite know where this was heading. ‘I see you have these state dinners on the lawn there in these shitty little tents. Let me build you a ballroom you can assemble and take apart. Trust me. It’ll look great.'”

But Trump had zero experience in the oil and gas industry, let alone in cleaning up environmental messes. It turns out Trump wasn't exactly on solid financial ground back in 2010 in a few businesses and that's why he was begging for the chance.

As was reported on in Forbes, Trump sold licenses to use his name. In 2010, “iStar Financial, a lender to Trump Soho, struck a recapitalization deal with CIM Group after sales struggled soon after the opening,” the report said. By July 2015, “Coco Beach Golf and Country Club, which paid a licensing fee to use the name ‘Trump International Golf Club,’ sought protection from creditors in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Puerto Rico."

We believe this caused Trump to hate Obama, since he was rejected. As we know now, Trump then came out with the Obama birther conspiracy theory and it was first publicly mentioned by Trump in 2011, after this incident. The rest is history.