What Happened Here When Trump Tried To Pronounce "Anonymous?" (VIDEO)

Accusations of President Donald Trump having cognitive mental decline continue tonight after video captured him onstage at tonight's rally having difficulty pronouncing some words.

One such instance happened when he tried to say the word "anonymous" precisely two times.

Trump was referring to the anonymous op-ed that appeared in the New York Times recently from a senior administration official, who as of right now, is unnamed.

Watch the footage below:

Today the media speculated widely on who that person might be, but the Times refuses to give up their source, saying that it would impact the persons job.

So far, dozens of officials, including Vice President Pence, Defense Secretary Mattis, and Press Secretary Sarah Sanders have all put out denials saying it wasn't them.

Trump is said to be thinking about making people take lie detector tests just to prove their loyalty to him.

Speaking of cognitive decline: Trump claimed tonight that news reports speculating on madness or yelling in the White House from him are incorrect. He said he usually sits in on important meetings on trade or other important things. Yelling from him about this op-ed? That's "Fake News."

Trump further said that he heard from an aide when he asked about why people supposedly make up the lies they do, he said: "Mr. President, you upset their way of life."

That, apparently, is the only answer Trump is willing to accept at this point.