'We're doing better than ever before,' Trump said before his casino went bankrupt (VIDEO)

Video has just been unearthed from 1995 capturing President Donald Trump bragging about his casino company being "better than ever before," just before the company went on to lose money year after year and then ultimately file for bankruptcy.

The name of the company: Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts. He even made the company's stock ticker symbol from his own initials: DJT.

Watch the video and look at the timelines: Trump has nothing but praise in October 1995 and not even two years later than that he's offering excuses on why things are going so poorly. Excuses like: "Last year was bad because everybody was fighting, but that has largely stopped." He then repeated the claim: "We're doing better than ever before. We're a great company and doing even better than when the stock came out at $32, so it's a great opportunity for people."

Since then the stock price took even more nose dives just before hitting zero and going bankrupt.

Stories like these are even relevant for one reason only, and it's not about Trump-bashing: the president is largely seen as the figure-head of the American economy, at least ceremonially, and when he talks about economic enthusiasm continuing, not to mention being in control of the largest fiscal budget on planet Earth, he has an effect on people. What he says matters, and telling people the truth about what actually is going on is important.

Fast-forward to the present day: just a few months ago Trump claimed that the U.S. economy was "setting records on virtually every front."

Anytime the economy does well, he gets to take the credit, but when bad news comes out from Forbes with headlines like: '2019 Will be a tough year for Trump and his economy,' Trump is nowhere to be found.

Now, not everything is or should be Trump's fault, but leading economists everywhere are pointing to Trump's trade wars and tariffs as one reason.  People like Robert Reich, who was once Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton, say it will lead to the next recession, already on its way. The date he thinks it officially hits? October 12th of next year.