Weird Development In Kavanaugh Case - Judge Releases New Info On Why He Couldn't Have Done It

The Judge Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination case just took a weird turn.

While details are still being worked out on when Kavanaugh's accuser Dr. Blasey Ford will testify, on Sunday it was revealed for the first time that Kavanaugh kept calendars while in high school detailing all of his summer activities, which he is suggesting, prove he couldn't have possibly sexually assaulted Mrs. Ford.

According to Peter Baker, Chief White House Correspondent for the New York Times, the calendars purportedly show that teenager Bretty Kavanaugh was simply out of town most of the summer.

"The calendars show he was out of town much of the summer at the beach or with his parents and they detail basketball games, movie outings, football workouts and so forth. A few parties are mentioned but include names of people other than those identified by Blasey Ford."

If the calendar's timeline don't fit, you must acquit?

Kavanaugh hasn't handed over the new evidence to the Senate yet, but the calandars, which were supposedly made in 1982, won't have a description that matches Blasey Ford's testimony.

While calendars don't disprove her testimony, Kavanaugh will attempt to show there wasn't a match on his schedule.

So far, we're not sure what this new development will mean for the hearing which is set to take place next Thursday. But, it's fair to say that Kavanaugh is a good time keeper. He held onto the calendars for 36 years.

Which brings us to another point - if Kavanaugh can issue 36 year old calendars as evidence, how come tens of thousands of documents detailing his time in the George W. Bush White House still aren't being released?