We Now Know How Much Trump's Military Parade Is Going To Cost

The Pentagon finally released their report on President Trump's military parade and its cost, which is slated to occur around Veterans Day later this year on November 10th.

On the low-end: $12 million. Other reports show the parade going upwards in the range of $50 million. The House budget committee says it might be somewhere near $30 million.

ABC7's John Gonzalez spoke with residents in the Washington D.C. area, where the parade will take place, and many expressed outrage that the money wasn't being spent better.

"That money can be better spent taking care of veterans who have been injured serving out country," said Greg Williams, a local.

As many as 5,000 to 7,000 troops are expected to march around the city.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford claims that no tanks will take part in the festivities because of concerns about damaging roads. But, reports ABC, "you will see lots of jeeps, military personnel, and big aircraft fly over."

"It is anticipated that several thousand Armed Forces personnel will participate in the parade, as well as provide ceremonial support including musical units, marching bands, and color guards, to render appropriate ceremonial honors to our Nation's military members, Veterans and their Families," a spokesman for U.S. Northern Command told ABC News in a statement. "The parade will honor the contributions of veterans, the current force, and the future force. More details and specifics about the Veterans Day Military Parade will be announced at a later date."

Trump got inspiration for the idea after personally seeing France's Bastille Day parade last summer. That's what caused him to request the United States hold a parade, even though such a parade has rarely taken place in U.S. history.

Trump, in one of his concessions to North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, said that he was suspending U.S. and South Korean military exercises, not only to appease Kim, but because of their "very expensive" cost. Those drills that were supposed to have taken place in August would have cost about $14 million, about the same cost as this parade.

"The amount of money we spend (on the war games) is incredibly expensive. We have to talk to South Korea about this. We pay for a big majority of them."

If President Trump is truly concerned with the cost of the South Korean war games, he should end this parade, too.

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