WATCH: Trump Rally Goers Get Replaced Mid-Speech For Not Cheering Enough (VIDEO)

If you didn't know by now, President Donald Trump has been accused of using paid actors at rallies.

During Trump's rally last night in Billings, Montana, where Trump was stumping for GOP Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale, things got really awkward when it appeared two of those paid shills were fired mid-speech. They were standing directly behind the president, too, when it happened. In fact, they weren't paid, but their replacements were.

Here's how it went down, and it was captured on two separate videos posted online:

The first video shows a guy in a checkered shirt (who was making animated faces directly behind the president earlier) being approached by a woman in black. They talk for a few moments and then he ends up leaving, with her taking his place.

If you think that's somehow just a weird coincidence, take a look at this next video. Shortly after that, a curly haired woman (also standing directly behind the president) wearing a red MAGA hat is approached by a young blonde woman and the exact same thing happens: she leaves and is replaced by her.

A man wearing white is also replaced by another blonde woman.

Trump's camp made the image replacements - plain and simple.

Speaking of which - multiple reports claim the woman at Trump's rally was Zina Bash, but we have no proof that it was actually her. In truth, it was just a paid shill that looks like her.