Watch Trump jokingly tell Putin to 'not meddle in the election.' They both laugh (VIDEO)

Apparently, Russia meddling into U.S. elections is just one big joke to President Donald Trump.

Early Friday morning, halfway around the country, as Trump was at a meeting with leaders in Osaka (Japan) for the G-20 Summit, a reporter asked Trump if he would stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. That's when Trump decided to turn a serious question into a stunt:

"Hey, don't meddle in the next election."

Putin just had a huge smile on his face.

There was a lot of screaming and background noise going on, but this video captures the moment.

Trump even meeting with Putin today was a sign of weakness. That's because Trump called off last minute meetings seven months ago citing Russia's seizure of three Ukrainian ships and the detention of two dozen Ukrainian sailors. Trump stated previously that they would only meet after "this situation is resolved."

Fast forward seven months and the situation hasn't been resolved at all. The Ukrainian ships and sailors are still all being held by Russia and Trump still met with Putin. How can anyone respect President Trump when he's being bullied on the world stage like this?

Trump further took the opportunity to praise Putin at the event saying he has a "very, very good relationship" with him and "many positive things are going to come out of the relationship."