Acting Attorney General: Get lost, Congress. I'm not revealing my chats with Trump (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump's acting attorney general faced Congress today and refused to reveal what he and Trump discussed behind closed doors.

Keep in mind, the head of the Justice Department is Mueller's supervisor, and has the discretion to squash an investigation if need be. His answers are a big deal.

Whitaker has already gone on record in the past and implied that he thinks the whole thing is a witch hunt. No wonder Trump appointed him. Now that he has to answer hard questions, he can't apparently.

When Whitaker was asked by Congresswoman Val Demings if he ever talked to Trump specifically about the ongoing investigation from the Southern District of New York, he completely dodged it.

"Congresswoman, as I mentioned several times today, I am not going to reveal my private conversations with the President of the United States. No matter what the question is," was his official response.

She continued: Yes or no, did you discuss with President Trump anything about Michael Cohen?

They went back and forth for a little bit.

Watch this fiery exchange below.

After watching the clip, you can clearly see that Whitaker is not comfortable discussing anything he has told Trump. That creates a major problem and is the reason Democrats are digging in deeper.

Whitaker only has about one week left in the Justice Department before Trump's permanent nominee for the department comes in, but that doesn't override the fact the information Whitaker could have been feeding the president in regards to the Mueller investigation. Whitaker knows everything and could have been telling Trump things that he shouldn't have. If he's innocent of this, let him say so. But, he's remaining silent.