W.H. suspends press pass of Playboy reporter for asking questions? It's still unclear (VIDEO)

A senior White House reporter for Playboy (yes, they apparently exist) received an email shortly before 5 P.M on Friday claiming that his press pass to enter the facility will be suspended for 30 days.

Brian J. Karem reported the unfortunate news shortly after questioning President Donald Trump today on the White House lawn. He didn't appear to do anything unusual, except ask a few questions. They didn't seem that tough, either, but someone didn't like them.

Either Trump himself complained or it's possible someone from the White House saw his Twitter feed and decided to suspend him.

"POTUS says he's a student of the press. We do a good job vetting nominees - but we're still fake news," according to Karem.

This isn't the first time the White House has done something like this.

The biggest example of a reporter being suspended would be from late last year when CNN's Jim Acosta had his press credentials taken away from him. Trump ultimately lost that fight, and Acosta's credentials were restored, but in the meantime it set off a flurry of concern that reporters weren't allowed to negatively report on Trump without retribution.

It's important to know why Brian J. Karem is going through this now. Otherwise, the White House will be able to suspend anyone they want, with no reason given as to why.

"Yes, I can and will appeal the decision," Karem says.