W.H. Press Secretary starts screaming at reporters to 'get out' for asking questions (VIDEO)

President Trump held a meeting with insurance company CEOs on Tuesday at the White House, and reporters were invited to come. But, they were quickly rushed out by Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

None of the reporters were able to ask a question, which is their primary job as journalists.

“Let’s go!” Grisham repeatedly shouted at them. “Press, let’s go!”

The shouting lasted almost an entire minute. While the White House has been known to rush reporters out of meetings like this in the past, this one seemed more contentious, and far more abrupt.

The entire time Trump just sat there uncomfortably with his arms folded as it continued: "Press! Out the door! Go, press!"

Could she be a tad bit more nice?

After the meeting, it was learned that executives at all the major insurance companies, Anthem, United Health, Humana, Centene, AHIP, Express Scripts, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AETNA, and CVS Kaiser would waive copays for coronavirus testing and treatment. They also agreed to cover telemedicine and "no surprise billing."

Keep in mind, "no surprise billing" is not the same as no billing. The announcement appears to be good news, for sure, though.

Vice President Pence is expected to hold another press briefing from the White House later on Tuesday evening to give more updates.