Vice President Pence Compares Himself To Oprah And Comedy Star Will Ferrell (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence was in Georgia stumping for gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, and took the opportunity to compare himself to Oprah and Will Ferrell.

He referred to them as "Hollywood liberals."

Oprah says she showed up because she believed in Stacey Abrams. Not only that, but she was there on a whim by her own volition. "Nobody paid me to come here, nobody even asked me," she said.

As far as Will Ferrell goes, he was telling no jokes by saying that this was a very important election for Georgia. He said medicaid itself was at stake. Vice President Pence re-framed the issue and said that all Stacey Abrams wants to do is increase the size of government and "have government follow you" throughout your daily life.

Currently, the latest polls show everything from a really tight race overall to Abrams leading Kemp by at least 1 point. So, you can be sure that high profile people like Ferrell and Oprah are having an impact. That's why they're there. As far as the Vice President is concerned, he had to remind everyone what a "big deal" he was.