Very few people went to Trump Jr.'s book signing today (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Jr. released a new book today and in order to drum up support for it, he spent all day hyping up an online "live signing" that would be taking place at 3 P.M. eastern.

Somehow that time got pushed back (maybe enough people didn't show up the first time) so they changed the live stream to 4 P.M.

The numbers varied but when we tuned in only 92 people were watching on YouTube. This was well after the signing had started.

Those aren't big numbers for the President of the United State's eldest son, who is known to appear on television networks like Fox News. He's been promoting this Triggered book for some time, across all his social media channels. His brother Eric recommends the book and says that it's "excellent." Of course, he does.

To get more people to tune in, he promised autographed copies, but that doesn't seem to have been a big enough incentive.

You didn't miss much: Trump Jr. mostly engaged in a rant-like conversation against liberals while signing a small number of books put in front of him. It was hard to listen to and not very well-structured.

He joked that his girlfriend (sitting right next to him) could probably play him in a movie, and then made an off-hand comment about "trans-phobia."

Notice how he didn't hold the event at a bookstore or some other physical place where a headcount could take place.  This was a good idea.

Trump Jr. said that he wanted to make the New York Times bestsellers list in order to "trigger" his haters and also that liberals "don't want you to read" it "or share with others."

By the time this article was written, at the conclusion of the entire event, only 350 people had watched in total.