BREAKING: US Justice Department prosecutors say President Trump committed felony

President Trump is finally going down.

How that happens exactly is yet to be seen, but this is the first day in a very long-time that it is being officially confirmed by the government that the president has committed a crime. A felony at that.

Here's the official read out: Trump violated campaign finance laws by directing his attorney to bribe women to keep quiet about their affairs with him.

Michael Cohen has been cooperating with Mueller and New York prosecutors and confirmed the information under oath. He is wanting to have no jail time based on his cooperation, which Mueller says he did, but New York prosecutors say he should serve at least 42 months and pay a $100,000 fine for his role in the scandal.

The Mueller filings are coming out at a fast pace and not all of them have been read yet, but what has come out so far proves that the Trump administration has been lying, and President Trump is going to be formally charged with a felony, at least on paper for right now.

The sky is officially falling on this White House.

We will provide updates as they happen.