Two Texas Rednecks Just Argued Over Where To Dump Trash. Then One Is Shot Dead. (VIDEO)

Video has just been released showing a standoff between two Texas men who were arguing over where to dump trash in an alleyway.

The video ends with gunshots.

The two shirtless men in the video, 67-year-old John Miller and his son 31-year-old Michael Miller, have been charged with murder. The victim's name is Aaron Howard.

Kara Box, Howard's common law wife, took out her cell phone to record to confrontation over the used mattress.

“I stepped in between Aaron and John (Miller), then my ears started ringing from the gunshots,” Box said in a telephone interview with Fort Worth's Star Telegram from her home in Abilene as she sobbed. “I just screamed and screamed."

“We had thrown out a twin mattress in a dumpster in our alley a few days before the shooting,” Box said. “You have to have the mattress in the dumpster or they will not haul it away.”

That's when the feud started. John Miller didn't like what his neighbor did and took the mattress out of the dumpster, putting it back on Howard's property.

Howard noticed this sometime after and demanded that Miller put it back in the dumpster but he refused.

“That’s when John (Miller) pulled a pistol out of his shorts,” Box said.

According to Box, Aaron was irate at Miller because he pulled a gun on him in front of his nieces and nephews who were nearby in the backyard.

“Aaron goes into pappa bear mode,” Box said. “A man has just pulled a gun on his wife, his brother, his nieces and nephews.”

The video depicts Howard daring Miller to shoot him, but he was unarmed.

Shortly after this, John Miller's son arrives with a shotgun himself.

The whole situation is just simply tragic. Two Texas hotheads didn't know how to keep their cool, and one of them thought he needed a gun to protect himself.

Watch below:

Even though the Millers were arrested and charged, they were shortly let out on $25,000 bail.

The Washington Post tried to follow up with the eldest Miller but he told them that he "doesn't have a comment one way or the other. This is something I consider a private matter between me and the state of Texas."

Only time will tell what happens to the Millers in a Texas court of law.