Trump's sister suddenly retires as a federal judge to avoid fraud complaint against her

One person we don't hear about a lot in the news is President Donald Trump's sister.

She has been a federal appellate judge and just recently announced that she was filing for retirement - just ten days after she was sent a letter from a judicial conduct council that they were looking into her for alleged tax fraud.

The tax fraud reportedly took place in the 1990s and involved the rest of the Trump family. The New York Times just came out with a big story on it.

The catcher to all of this? Since she is retiring, the conduct council no longer can review the it, so it gets shelved. Looks like she retired early for a reason then.

In retirement, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry will receive an annual salary between $184,500 and $217,600.

The inquiry into her only started happening since last October when an investigation by the Times showed that the Trumps had engaged in a number of dubious tax schemes during the 1990s. The Southern District of New York is currently pursuing the Trump family, outside of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and it could haunt Trump well after he's no longer president.

Long story short - Judge Marryanne and her siblings tried to hide their income in odd ways, and got away with it for many, many years. Her sudden retirement proves very fishy - also because she is refusing to come forward publicly to clear her name.