Trump's 'steel slat' wall gets sawed through at border, project fails

President Donald Trump no longer wants to build a concrete wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. He told us this weeks ago. Instead, he wants to have steel slats which he argues will be more effective.

Right now Trump is testing his steel slat prototypes at the border, though, and they're failing.

NBC News obtained an exclusive photo that shows the results of Border Patrol personnel attempting to destroy the wall barriers with common tools, tools that people trying to get across the border would use.

Trump had an opportunity to comment on the photo and claimed from the South Lawn of the White House "that's a wall designed by previous administrations."

While that design was used before, this prototype was built during Trump's time in office, and at his direction.

In addition to that, according to an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection report, they found that the steel slat construction was vulnerable to breaching. Still, Trump maintains that the design is crucial to border security.

"It's very, very hard — the wall that we are doing is very, very hard to penetrate," Trump said.

Which wall is he referring to?

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement on the breached prototype and used language along the lines of: walls give law enforcement more time to react. Basically, the wall may not be impenetrable, but it will make things more difficult.

"The professionals on the border know that a wall system is intended not only to prevent entry, it is intended to defer and to increase the amount of time and effort it takes for one to enter so that we can respond with limited border patrol agents. Even a wall that is being breached is a valuable tool in that it allows us to respond to the attempted illegal entry."

That sounds reasonable, but it's not what Trump has previously promised on the campaign trail. To the contrary, he told his supporters that he would build an "impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful" wall and not only that but "Mexico will pay for it."

To this day, we are in the midst of the longest running partial government shutdown in American history with no end in sight because Mexico isn't paying for it. But, just this morning, Trump said that Mexico will pay for it "many, many times over"