Trump's press secretary is demanding people call him 'president!' - even though she didn't for Obama

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who has only been on the job for a few weeks now, and is unlikely to ever give a press conference like her predecessor, is now shouting at legitimate reporters.

When ABC News reporter Katherine Faulders fact-checked President Trump on his criticisms of Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD), she started going off on her.

"To you, he's not Trump, he's PRESIDENT Trump!"

An observer online noticed that McEnany never gave former President Obama that same courtesy, and called her out for it.

At least on two different occasions, she has attacked President Obama without ever mentioning his title, while he was in office.

"Yes, Press Secretary, it’s very important that we show our presidents the respect their office commands," wrote Janet Johnson while showing two prior tweets of hers.

Interestingly, she has also called Trump without using the title, so there's that.  

This is no surprise, of course. McEnany has been defending Trump on television since the early days of his presidency. That has often included saying anything and everything it took to captivate and win over his audiences. Since she doesn't actually hold real press conferences, she gets paid taxpayer dollars to instead do it on social media and over the airwaves. In other words, that comment was funded by the American people for her to make.