Trump's personal doctor releases statement verifying he's treating the president as a lab rat

Earlier on Monday, President Donald Trump got everyone's attention when he suddenly said on live television that he was taking the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19.

His personal physician, Sean P. Conley, released a statement a few hours later via the Press Secretary in order to rectify the media storm this has created. What's interesting is that the letter did not actually say he prescribed hydroxychloroquine to President Trump. This could have been intentional.

The letter also seemed to admit that therapies for the coronavirus weren't set in stone, which would essentially make Trump a presidential lab rat for taking an unproven treatment.

Furthermore, Trump's personal doctor states that he and Trump “concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risks.” That's weird because the FDA says there's no evidence hydroxychloroquine treats or prevents Covid-19.

Trump is allegedly taking the drug even though he claimed he has "no symptoms" and is still testing negative for the virus. Many people think he's lying about taking the drug at all and this is all a big ploy for media attention. Right now there are other political scandals brewing with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and alleged illegal asset sales to Saudi Arabia, so this would be a nice distraction, if true.