Trump's new Defense Secretary just failed his FBI background check, has to quit job

President Donald Trump's Acting Secretary of Defense will no longer continue on through the confirmation process to become the next Defense Secretary of America. That's because he just failed his FBI background investigation.

The FBI found a very violent domestic violence dispute between acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan and his former wife just nine years ago. Shortly after word got out in the media, Trump said he was replacing Shanahan with Mark Esper, the current Secretary of the Army.

The news took everyone by surprise on Tuesday afternoon.

Shanahan, before taking over the top job at the Pentagon, was already the Deputy Secretary, and somehow, this domestic violence incident slipped through the cracks years ago. He never should have been in the job in the first place.

It's really unclear if Trump fired him or if he really did decide to step aside himself. It would have been a very contentious confirmation process putting him under oath in front of Congress whether or not he really did assault her multiple times on the night in question. Democrats would have seized on the opportunity to go after him.

The known details: Shanahan claims he "never laid a hand on" his former wife. Kimberley Jordinson, the name she currently goes by, says Shanahan is flat-out lying.

The former couple claimed in court filing and police reports that a late-night argument on Aug. 28, 2010 escalated onto the front lawn of their Seattle home that left him with a bloodied nose and her with blood all over her. She even called 911 during the alleged incident.

“My husband is throwing punches at me,” Jordinson told a Seattle 911 operator that night. “He’s been hitting me. … I don’t need a medic, I need you guys to get him out of the house. ... He’s just swinging punches at me.” USA Today obtained a copy of that recording, below.