Trump's new chief-of-staff called him a 'terrible human being' (VIDEO)

If you think President Trump's new acting, chief-of-staff likes him, you'd be wrong.

He doesn't. Not at all.

Maybe that's why he's only been listed as the acting, temporary chief-of-staff until the president can find someone else. That in itself was weird, considering the Senate doesn't need to confirm him. Either you're hired or you're not. There's no need for an acting chief-of-staff. But, that's what he did.

There's video, too, of Mr. Mulvaney openly voicing his dislike for Mr. Trump, yet he still somehow has a job.

Just before Trump was elected president, Mulvaney was captured telling a crowd that he was a "terrible human being" but would still support him, because he just didn't want a woman by the name of Hillary Clinton getting the top job.

“Yes, I am supporting Donald Trump, but I’m doing so despite the fact that I think he’s a terrible human being,” he said.

When Mulvaney made the remark he was still a sitting congressman. He ended up leaving that position to be both the director of the Office of Management and Budget and Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, two key roles. Now he's acting chief-of-staff.

Not bad jobs if you ask around. So, hate for Trump or not, Mulvaney knew his place politically.  He also was willing to do whatever it took to not have a Democrat elected, including sacrificing his values in the process. He's not shy about that fact.

The key question is how Mulvaney will perform for Trump as chief-of-staff and how much can he take. He's already sold his soul in his support of the man but will he be able to stick through the tough times ahead  for a man he already detests? This is a position that requires a special kind of loyalty. When Mueller releases his report and things in the Oval Office start flying, what will Mulvaney do?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

Oh, and when word of this video gets released, we wonder how Trump is going to take it. He might not have even seen it yet.