Trump's New Attorney General: 'I Would Indict Hillary Clinton'

President Donald Trump shocked the world after one of the craziest White House press conferences in modern history, by finally announcing that he would be firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ending months of rumors and speculation.

In his place, Matthew G. Whitaker, Sessions Chief of Staff, will resume command until a permanent replacement is announced.

Here's what it means: Mueller was reportedly set to announce the results of his investigation, and now Whitaker will be his boss.

Whitaker has previously said that he would like to indict Hillary Clinton, making the statement just two years ago. You can bet that Trump has an advocate in Whitaker and it more than likely played a role in the president's decision.

Given that Mueller could charge Trump with obstruction of justice into the Russian investigation (that's one of the charges) this is Trump making an offensive move prematurely to combat anything Mueller might release against him. Whitaker also has the ability to fire Mueller or not act on any reports he comes out with.

This is also a strategic, politically timed move by Trump. Now that Republicans gained seats in the Senate (where presidents are convicted if they're impeached by the House of Representatives), Trump faces virtually no blow back. Trump made this move because he could.