Trump's new ambassador to Canada: I believe both sides of climate change are accurate

President Trump's new U.S. ambassador to Canada recently gave an interview with CBC and claimed that she believed "both sides" of the science.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, she couldn't exactly say.

Here was the interviewer: Do you believe in climate change? Craft responded: "I believe there are scientists on both sides that are accurate.

One small fact to keep in mind: Craft is the wife of billionaire coal magnate Joe Craft.

“Do you believe there is science that proves that man is not causing climate change?” the interviewer followed up.

“Well, I think that both sides have, you know, their own results from their studies, and I appreciate and respect both sides of the science,” Craft said.

There's also a tiny problem with Craft's "both sides" argument. Both sides can't be right.

One side says climate change isn't man made and is made up, the other side, including NASA and 99% of scientists claim that global warming is the greatest threat to the planet.

Craft is currently being ridiculed for her thoughtless statement in the press.

Sorry Craft, but there is only one side: science.

Some more background information on Craft: Not only is she married to one of the largest coal producers in the eastern U.S. (Craft is the president and CEO of Alliance Resource Partners LP), but he once got his license plate stamped with the slogan, "Friends of Coal" in response to Obama's climate change policies.

Before being appointed by Trump, Craft donated $265,000 towards Trump's election and $17,000 to the Republican National Committee.

Why did Trump appoint her? Well, probably for those reasons. She doesn't have much else on her resume other than her prominent connections.