Trump's hair comes unglued during his latest rant in front of the cameras (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump answered more questions regarding his governmental shutdown on Friday while in a meeting with advisers.

But, first, before we discuss that, Trump's hair became unglued during the Q & A session. Several people couldn't help but notice.

Here are a few close-up videos of the hair mishap:

Trump's hair has long been the talk of constant rumor and laughter. Vanity Fair even wrote a special "illustrated history of Donald Trump's hair" a few years ago before he became president, and Trump is constantly asked if its real or not.  

Here are a few more screenshots of the disaster. The entire internet is laughing right now.

It looks like even Trump hair wants to leave him. That wouldn't be surprising considering the rest of his cabinet and administration have.

Silliness aside, Trump followed up on his "national emergency" comments and claimed that while he wasn't going to do so now, he will if Congress doesn't act soon on the border.

The president said that the decision would likely be challenged in court and go to the 9th circuit which would probably decide against him, but he said that the Supreme Court could step in and see his side of things.

Trump also ironically and unbelievingly thanked all the workers who aren't getting paychecks right now, even though he was the one to cause that.  

"I appreciate their service to the country... I just really appreciate the fact that they have handled this so incredibly well."