Trump's fed pick is toast after making racist joke about President Obama (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump's selection for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors may have to soon be revised after Senate Republicans are telling him he's a no go.

That all is intensifying after video leaked of Stephen Moore making a racist joke about former President Barack Obama being a black man being kicked out of public housing, aka the White House.

Moore tried to reconcile his comments with Margaret Hoover of the Firing Line, but he stumbled all over himself while talking to her, and even admitted that he might not make it on the Federal Reserve if people don't like the things he says.

One GOP senator said that the White House might toss Moore to the side in a matter of "Twenty-four hours. Fourty-eight tops."

The senator then added that it's going to be up to Trump: "Ultimately it's up to the President. We advise and consent. We don't nominate."

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby said Moore's nomination is definitely "in trouble."

"I haven't said I'd vote for him or against him, but he hasn't been nominated yet. I've been on the Banking committee a long time, chaired it three times, and I raised that in the caucus. It would be a volatile hearing," Shelby said."Being a member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve is an important job, and you should not have controversy following you in or out of the job," Shelby added.

Moore is under fire for a whole host of comments. That one is just the latest to take the cake.