Trump's Christmas day message: This country is a disgrace right now (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump sat behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office on Christmas Day and told reporters that the United States was a disgrace right now.

"It's a disgrace what is happening in this country, but other than that I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas."

It's hard to think that this was his Christmas day message, but there's video to back it up, too.

President Trump spent about ten minutes taking questions from reporters where he talked about the Federal Reserve raising interest rates on the economy, as well as his fight to fund the border wall.

Here's what Trump said about the Fed: In fact, the economy is doing so well that the Fed has decided to raise the rates. President Obama didn't do much of that. It's easier to run well if you don't have interest rates raised on you. His presidency had really low interest rates. We have a normalized interest rate.

Trump on re-opening the government: I can't say when it will re-open but it won't happen until we get a wall or fence. I'll call it whatever they want. But, it's all the same thing. It's a barrier.

Watch the full Q&A below: