Trump's Border Wall Effectively Dead, House Democrats Make Him A Lame Duck President With Win

Democrats didn't have a blue wave across the entire country as expected, with Republicans winning a variety of key governorship's and Senate races - but they did win the House of Representatives for the first time in eight years.

That's big news.

Here's what that means: Trump's legislative agenda is now effectively dead. That includes more funding for his controversial border wall that even a Republican-led Congress refused to fully approve. Trump fell far short of the required funding he needed to build a wall along the entire United States/Mexican border. You can now bet that there's no way Democrats, now that they have control, will grant him his biggest campaign promise. Take that to the bank.

While it's true that Trump will get some stretches of his border wall constructed, it is going to be nothing in comparison to what he has promised his supporters, which is a full, state of the art wall.

Trump even braced for the House loss by stating over the weekend that "Barbed wire used properly can be a beautiful sight."

The only tweet Trump made tonight after it was announced that Democrats were taking over the house was a short one:

Given all the tweeting and campaigning Trump has been doing lately, it doesn't take a "super genius" to figure out that the president might have been a little bit disingenuous.

If only there was a fly on the wall in the White House right now, we'd love to see Trump's face.