Trump gives kids bizarre rant about job numbers before Easter egg roll

Trump used his speech at the White House's traditional Easter Egg Roll Monday to lecture children on the state of the economy.

"I want to wish everybody a happy Easter, our country is doing fantastically well," Trump explained to the audience of children as the Easter Bunny looked on. "We’re setting records on stock markets, we’re setting records with jobs, unemployment numbers are the lowest they’ve ever been."

Trump also mentioned "regulations" and "low taxes" to the kids waiting to search for Easter eggs.

"Our military is literally being completely rebuilt, we are completely rebuilding our military," he continued to the audience. "It was very depleted, as you know, a lot of the military folks can tell you, it is being rebuilt to a level that we have never seen before."

Later at the event, Trump colored cards with children and claimed that one of them had told him to build his racist border wall.

Trump’s speech followed an Easter weekend spent raging about the damning revelations in the Mueller report that have exposed his campaign's desperate attempts to work with Russia to win the 2016 election and several instances of Trump trying to obstruct the investigation.

The egg roll remarks continued Trump’s strange tradition of injecting noxious politics into the children’s event.

In his first egg roll, students from predominantly black Washington, D.C., public schools were excluded after years of invites. Last year, Trump used Easter weekend to go on a racist tiradeonline, then pushed lies about DACA recipients while he was involved in events at the Easter Egg Roll.

By comparison, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama made the Egg Roll — an event for children — about the children.

"This is one of the greatest White House traditions because it reminds us that this is the people's house. And to see so many children out here having a great time just fills Michelle and myself and the entire family with a whole lot of joy," President Obama said at his first event in 2009.

"Our goal today is just to have fun. We want to focus on activity, healthy eating," Michelle Obama added.

Subsequent Obama-era events had a similar message.

"Let's celebrate all the good work that we've done, all the great messaging we've had.  All the amazing change that we've seen in this country.  And we want to celebrate our families.  We want to celebrate our nation — everything that makes us strong.  It's our diversity, it's our values.  That's what makes us strong,” she said at their last event in 2016.

Melania Trump did not speak at Monday’s event.

Trump’s presidential abnormality extends even to events like the Easter Egg Roll. Previous presidents of both parties easily used the day to focus on families and the children in attendance.

Trump instead has embraced racism and his own crass self-promotion.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.