Trump was just spotted playing golf despite canceling trip to Poland for Hurricane Dorian

President Donald Trump, per the pool report, has arrived at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA.

This will be his 226th day at a Trump golf club and 294th day at a Trump property as president. That's around 31% of his presidency.

Trump stated he canceled his trip to Poland and was sending Vice President Mike Pence instead because he needed to be here to prepare for Hurricane Dorian.

On Friday, Trump took Marine One to Camp David and will be spending most of his weekend out of view. That was until he decided to go to the golf course.

Of course, Trump is spending his Saturday on the golf course before a category 4 hurricane strikes the United States. That's an odd place to be doing emergency hurricane planning.

Trump has been trying his best, though, to show that he is working so hard on this. He sent a flurry of tweets telling people what they can do to stay safe, etc., etc. But, he's doing it all through his phone and basically nothing else.

Trump has stated many times on the campaign trail while running in the 2016 election that he didn't think he would ever golf if he won. We now know that statement is laughable.

Honestly, the best place for Trump during an emergency is far away from governing. Maybe he should spend more time playing golf and watching television.