Trump was just seen with twenty-dollar bills hanging out his pants

Most of the stories we discuss are somewhat serious in nature. This one isn't entirely, but we will draw some contrasts.

Still, whenever a photograph of the President of the United States is taken with money falling out his slacks, the American people are going to take notice. And, we did.

Reuters Pictures confirmed the authenticity of it. It's not a fake.

The photo was taken as the president was boarding Air Force One in Mountain View, California.

Does Trump not own a wallet?

What's interesting about this is not the fact that he doesn't have a wallet but the political nature of it: This is symbolism at its finest.

These are twenty-dollar bills, and guess what? In 2020, the bill was supposed to be featuring Harriet Tubman but the Trump administration delayed it until 2026. Nobody knows why. Perhaps its because Harriet Tubman was a former slave, abolitionist, and "conductor" for the Underground railroad? Or maybe because it was an Obama initiative?

The current face of the twenty-dollar bill is Andrew Jackson, and Trump has a picture of him hanging in the Oval Office, likening him to one of his favorite president's ever. In contrast to Tubman, Jackson was a slave owner and throughout his lifetime is said to have had as many as 300 slaves.

Maybe that's why Trump prefers the twenties.

In any case, Trump was mocked for the event:

"This picture is a perfect metaphor for his presidency," said one person.

"Unfortunately, that’s not a metaphor. That’s the reality," said another. They then called him the "Grifter-in-Chief."

Speaking of which, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduling a special hearing on the subject of grifting for September 23. It will be called: “Presidential Corruption: Emoluments and Profiting Off the Presidency.”

Maybe they will talk about those twenty dollar bills and where they came from.