Trump was just informed he won't be able to stop John Bolton from publishing his book (VIDEO)

The Department of Justice is now suing former National Security Advisor John Bolton for publishing his book, set to hit shelves on June 23.

The last-minute move is being seen as an attempt by President Trump to stop the former advisor from leaking embarrassing details about the president, even though he's claiming it is for national security reasons.

Despite the White House getting a heads up on the book as early as January, they waited until June to stop it. It's not going to be good enough. According to Executive Editor Adam Levine over at CNN:

"Bolton's attorney told the White House they were pressing forward with the book based on the review done by the White House. As for the additional review requested by the White House, Bolton's attorney says it is "too late."

You can see his comments below in the letter, saying Bolton's manuscript has "no classified information."

UPDATE: The book just hit #1 on Amazon's Best Sellers list.

Still - the civil lawsuit is set to go forward and they're hoping a federal judge will intervene despite what Bolton's lawyer said. One of the main problems with this, though, is that the book has already shipped. Hard to stop people from reading something that is showing up at their doorsteps momentarily. In that sense, it is too late.

Trump thinks Bolton should face "criminal" penalties. He accused Bolton of not being truthful in the past and said it's up to the Attorney General on if he will ultimately be able to stop it.

Trump did not sound happy when talking about how severely Bolton should be penalized. He said he gave Bolton "a break," and he "shouldn't have even been called an ambassador."

One key question to ask is: Why did Trump's administration wait so long to sue?