Trump uses rally to call for Obama's impeachment and makes weird noises to describe Pelosi (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is in Manchester, New Hampshire trying to scare voters, just one day before the state's primaries.

"We're going to protect your 2nd Amendment. By the way -- they're going to take away everything. They're going to take your wealth, they're going to take your guns. They're going to take away everything."

He's also now officially calling for former President Barack Obama's impeachment, even though such a thing isn't even possible. Trump claims that Obama's promises about "you can keep your plan" qualify.

"We should impeach him for that. Why aren't we impeaching him?"

Trump continued to speak about Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up his State of the Union speech. He has a new take on that now:

"I had someone behind me who was mumbling terribly, mumbling. Mumbling."

He makes a bunch of weird noises: "Moo, Haa, Moo, Haa. She was mumbling. Very distracting."

The crowd then starts chanting very loudly: "LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!"