Trump: U.S. Will No Longer Fully Work With Its Main Allies, Leaving G7 Meeting Early

Just hours after it was publicly revealed that all seven of the G7 countries were considering working without the United States because of Trump's latest actions, the White House announced that President Trump would be leaving the summit four hours early to protest his involvement.

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell said it was:

"a reflection of the United States desire to spend minimum amount of time at a hostile meeting" where Trump was unwelcome.

Shortly before the White House made the announcement, President Trump lashed out at several of its countries leaders, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron and Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for calling him out on his trade tariffs. He even called Trudeau "indignant."

It's said that Trump will depart mid-morning on Saturday, skipping several key portions of the summit, including sessions on climate change and the environment.

Trump will also not attend a scheduled lunch with world leaders. He doesn't want to eat with them. 

The White House says that an aide will stand in his place instead.

CNN further reported that Trump wanted to skip the entire event but was advised that it would make him look even weaker than he already is. They warned him that this was a fight he started, so he had better be there.

France's  Emmanuel Macron said that the 6 countries, who represent the world's largest economies, wouldn't mind signing an agreement without the United States.

Here are some of the other shots President Macron took at Trump:

Trump has stated that he would rather wage a battle against our allies from a distance than in person.

Trump still thinks it will be a "waste of time," not expecting anything worthwhile to happen.

Trump is scheduled to depart the summit earlier than planned "in anticipation of his coming meeting with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un Tuesday," White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders offered as an excuse, even though that meeting doesn't take place until three days later.