Trump tweets anti-execution message in Arabic while U.S. executes man

The U.S. executed the first person in 17 years as Daniel Lewis Lee was killed by lethal injection on Tuesday. Lee was convicted of murdering an Arkansas family in a 1990s plot to build a whites-only nation in the Pacific Northwest.

The execution was given the go ahead by the U.S. Supreme Court after it stepped in to remove a hold placed hours earlier by a trial judge. This all came after Attorney General William Barr on Monday directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to schedule the executions of four federal death-row inmates who were convicted of murdering children.

A day after this execution, President Trump tweeted out a message, in Arabic, regarding the death sentences of protesters in Iran, stating that it sends a deplorable message to the world.

The message translates as: "Three people have been sentenced to death in Iran for participating in protests. Their execution is expected at any moment. The execution of these three people sends a deplorable message to the world and should not be done."

Trump quickly received a reminder of his Administration's treatment of peaceful protesters lately.