Trump turns speech at faith conference into hour long rant on his personal grievances (VIDEO)

Trump turned a speech on Wednesday before religious conservatives into a rambling, disconnected rant about himself and his personal obsessions.

The speech — over an hour in length — was given to the Faith & Freedom Coalition, one of the key groups tasked with mobilizing voters for the Republican Party.

Trump briefly spoke about federal judges, lied about abortion, and railed against the imaginary "war on Christmas" during his presentation.

But his true passion, as usual, was Trump.

He attacked Hillary Clinton for her 2016 description of racist and bigoted Trump supporters as "deplorables."

"One word can put you right out of business," Trump said, arguing that the accurate description had led to Clinton's loss.

Trump shared with the audience his love of the TiVo DVR system.

"It's a great invention — it's called TiVo. I don't want to be advertising but you know, it's like, better than television. Because television, you never see it again. With TiVo you play it back," he explained.

Previous reporting has indicated that Trump is addicted to watching Fox News on his DVR unit, and often tweets along with the recording as he watches it.

He once again told fearmongering lies about "caravans" of undocumented migrants coming to America.

"In those caravans are some very, very bad people. And they're probably put there by the countries that want to get rid of them," he ranted.

Trump has used those claims, largely based on inaccurate reports and videos aired on Fox News, to declare a bogus "national emergency" at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump lied and said that President Barack Obama "separated" children, while Trump "put people together." The reality is that Trump changed border policy to automatically separate children from their parents — and many of those children are now being housed in deportation centers with horrible, unsanitary conditions.

And Trump also jabbed at the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), suggesting he might be in hell.

McCain "fortunately" has "gone on to greener pastures," Trump said, adding, "perhaps far less green pastures." He concluded the section by saying McCain's death made him "very happy."

Trump showed his clear disinterest in the issues of concern to one of his core group of supporters. He only has passion for one topic: Trump.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.