Trump Trips All Over Himself Trying To Sound Tough On Putin Two Days after Praising Him

President Donald Trump is now going on a media tour, trying to explain to everyone how tough on Putin he really was.

He spoke with Jeff Glor on Wednesday, an anchor at CBS News, and admitted (again for the second day in a row) that Putin was responsible for interfering in the 2016 presidential elections.

Notice however - that he's saying this AFTER his historic meeting with the Russian President in person. He refused to condemn Putin to his face.

But - you have to watch the video clip to really understand Trump's reaction. Trump's body language and voice was almost trembling while talking, as if he didn't want to be sitting in that chair or say the things he was.

Jeff Glor: You agree with U.S. intelligence that Russia meddled in the election in 2016?

Trump: Yeah, and I've said that before, numerous times before. And, uhh, I would say that is true...yeah."

Jeff Glor: But you haven't condemned Putin specifically. Do you hold him personally responsible?

Trump: Well, I would because he's in charge of the country. Just like I consider myself to be responsible for things in this country. So, certainly, as the leader of a country, you would have to hold him responsible.

Now, watch this....

Jeff Glor: What'd you say to him?

Trump: Very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling. We can't have any of that...quickly changing topic Now look....We're also living in a grown up world...."

Trump then switches the topic to Barack Obama in an attempt to deflect.

This was just a small snippet of the entire interview, which won't be released untilĀ 6:30pm ET on CBS evening news.

Trump has come under criticism from some of his staunchest supporters for his unending flattery of Putin.