Trump tries to startle Pelosi just seconds before she goes on live T.V. but it backfires (VIDEO)

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday morning, but was taken aback when informed that President Trump was raging about her that morning.

Not only that, but Trump asked Stephanopoulos to ask Pelosi a question:

"George, ask Crazy Nancy why she allowed Adam “Shifty” Schiff to totally make up my conversation with the Ukrainian President & read his false words to Congress and the world, as though I said it? He got caught! Ask why hearing was most unfair & biased in history?"

Nancy kept her cool and responded:

"Let me just say, it's Sunday morning. I'd like to talk about the more pleasant subjects than the erratic nature of this President of the United States. But, he has to know that every knock from him is a boost. He's the president who said I should have impeached George Bush because of the war in Iraq.

And, now he's saying I'm obsessed? I held off on this because frankly I said 'Donald Trump is not worth impeaching.' He's not worth it. But, when he crossed that line on Ukraine, he violated the constitution in such a way that could not be ignored.

So, again, I don't like to spend too much time (on him), because everything he says is a projection. When he calls somebody crazy, he knows that he is. Everything he says, you can just translate it back to who he is."