Watch Trump get fact-checked while signing order to stop fact-checking on social media (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump held a press conference from behind the resolute desk inside the Oval Office on Thursday as he was signing an executive order intended to hold social media companies like Twitter accountable to the views of conservatives.

ABC News' Jon Karl, who got into it with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany earlier in the day, interrupted Trump to call him out on his lie that California was sending mail-in ballots to anybody and everybody that wants one.

He made the comment after spending several minutes complaining about all the instances where Twitter spread information he didn't like.

Trump: "California is sending out millions and millions of ballots to anyone that's breathing." He then repeated the claim: "Anybody in California that's breathing gets a ballot."

Jon Karl: "But, Mr. President, that's not true!"

Trump then held up his hand in an attempt to silence him, and said "wait a minute, I'm not finished."

What followed was an extremely long explanation of how people are allegedly stealing ballots and then using them to defraud elections. Notice how this ends up sounding like an elaborate scheme of potential fraud versus his initial comment which stated California was sending ballots to everyone. If Trump wants to maintain there's potential for abuse, that's one thing but he never walked back his wrong statement.

President Trump has himself voted by mail in at least three different elections but he doesn't think other people should be afforded the same privilege.