Trump threatens the apocalypse "of America" if he doesn't get re-elected next year (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump threatened that the end of the nation could be near should he not get re-elected next year. He was in Hershey, Pennsylvania speaking at one of his rallies on Tuesday night.

"At stake in our present battle is the survival of the American nation itself. It's the survival. We will destroy our country if these people get in," referring to undocumented immigrants.

Trump maintains that he's the only one capable of tackling the problem.

Trump also talked about "destroying" Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren "too fast."

He then thought he'd make fun of her beer campaign ad, which was just a funny social media video with her significant other:

"Did anybody see her beer deal, where she said: 'Oh, Darling. It's great to see you, what are you doing here?' That's her husband. He's supposed to be living in the house." Then to further mock her he said: "I don't think she's seen him in ten years."

"Have you ever seen such a phony, disgusting, deal?" Trump said of Warren.

"She opened that fresh mouth of hers and it stopped," Trump said of Warren, bragging about how he has hurt "Pocahontas" in the polls.

"I don't know how she makes it, but you don't know!"

Trump complained about the Democrats trying to come out with healthcare proposals for the country, even though he doesn't have a plan of his own yet.

"We have 180 million people with private healthcare that love it."

This has got to be "one of the ugliest and most troubling performances in recent memory," Aaron Ruper commented, who watched the entirety of Trump's rally.