Trump Threatens Senate Candidate He's Stumping For: Do My Bidding Or Else I'll Come After You

President Donald Trump was at a West Virginia rally on Friday to support Republican Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey, and even though he said mostly good things about him, warned that if he ever decided to not vote for something on his legislative agenda (should he be elected), things could get ugly real quick.

While Trump's tone suggested he was merely kidding, he really wasn't. The message was sent loud and clear: Don't cross me if you want to stay in power.

"Patrick, I think if he ever voted against us, I'll come back here, and say: 'We're going to impeach him, impeach Patrick!," Trump said. He then said that Patrick would stay in line so there would be no need for that.

To this the crowd merely laughed.

Watch below:

Trump also stated that he watched former President Obama's rally today in Florida with gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillam. He said "I was on Air Force One coming down here and had nothing else to do."

Right now, Trump is doing a number of rallies ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

The West Virginia rally was just his first of two rallies for the night. The next one is scheduled in Vice President Mike Pence's home state of Indiana just a few hours later.