Trump Thinks He's 'The Magic Man' After Losing House, Sends Out Late Night Message

Don't dare tell President Donald Trump tonight was a bad night. Nothing you could tell him could convince him of that. At least not publicly.

While Republicans did have some wins in the Senate, Republicans lost the House - and he lost pivotal states he'll need to win re-election in 2020, a strategic nightmare for the electoral college.

But, instead of admitting that much, Trump instead sent off a late night tweet quoting Ben Stein. Trump now is convinced he's "the magic man."

Trump being the Magic Man brings up reminders of the comedy movie Talladega Nights, starring Will Ferrell. Yes, the same Will Ferrell who campaigned in Georgia's gubernatorial race for Stacey Abrams, who is contesting the latest election numbers due to a tight race and uncounted ballots.

Trump has said a lot of crazy things over the last couple years, but we believe this is the first time he's referred to himself as someone who literally has "magic coming out of his ears."

Expect constant ridicule over this one.