Trump: I'm worried what impeachment will do to my legacy

President Donald Trump held a phone call with House Republicans on Friday and told them that it was a "bad thing to have on your resume," according to Axios and a source on the call.

He then followed this up with "but it's going to make Kevin speaker," according to more than one source.

Trump's advisors are telling Trump that they predict he will be impeached by the House of Representatives but they also believe the Senate will choose not to convict him due to Republican support.

So, long story short: Trump thinks he can try and twist his potential impeachment as a rally call to get his base fired up if the Senate lets him off (as somehow this is proof he's innocent), but he still doesn't want the history books to look at him unfavorably. This is the extremely vain president we all know, and it's no surprise.

Right now Trump is trying to do everything he can to prevent an impeachment for that reason and one person who spoke to the president in the last 10 days says that he thinks he can stop Nancy Pelosi. His strategy? Try to pressure House Democrats that reside in "Trump districts" that he won in 2016.

Another source said that even though Trump may try to stop it he is also resigned to the fact that it's going to most likely happen.

Some history: Only two presidents have ever been successfully been impeached in history, and Richard Nixon wasn't one of them. He resigned before that ever happened.

Andrew Johnson was, though. He fired a cabinet secretary without the consent of Congress and that's all it took. Trump seems to do this almost weekly.

The other was Bill Clinton. They both escaped conviction in the Senate, so it's never happened in history before for a sitting president to be removed through formal mechanisms. Trump doesn't want to be on this small list and we don't blame him.