Trump tells First Lady Melania: "Come here, puppy" right in front of everyone (VIDEO)

Right before the end of President Donald Trump's speech on Thursday in the East Room of the White House, he thanked his family for sticking with him through the ugly impeachment phase of his presidency. If you want to watch more of his speech, go HERE.

Trump gave his daughter Ivanka Trump a hug, and then asked First Lady Melania to come on the stage. That in itself would have been perfectly fine, but you could hear him saying: "Come here, puppy." She didn't seem to mind.

If you watch closely, you'll see him call Ivanka "hunnie" but when he summons Melania, the pronunciation is almost unmistakable. You can hear him saying "puppy."

We cut the video just before this very moment took place, so you can judge for yourself.

Now - if that's his pet name for his wife, and she's fine with it - all great. But, we just find it a little ironic that he refers to the First Lady of the United States as a dog. Trump won't even get a real dog for the White House, bucking conventional wisdom.