Trump tells country to not listen to Dr. Fauci: His analysis is 'not an acceptable answer' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is having a round table with the governors of Colorado and North Dakota on Wednesday evening.

He was asked about Dr. Fauci's testimony before the Senate the day prior, in which he said he'd advise school officials against re-opening classes in the fall because of the unlikelihood of there being a vaccine or treatment by that time.

This caused Trump to tell people to not listen to America's top infectious disease expert, a position he has been in since 1984.

"I was surprised by his answer, because you know (shaking his head and pausing to reflect), to me it's just not an acceptable answer. The only thing that would be acceptable to me is professors, teachers, etc., over a certain age, I think they should take it easy for a (longer period of time). This is a disease that attacks age, or attacks health."

Trump dismissed schools as being a problem, because kids are "young." That's a rather amateur way of looking at the problem and doesn't account for the fact that kids (like everyone else) will help spread the virus.

While everyone wants to re-open the country sooner rather than later, the debate being held now is just how soon will be safe and limit the rising death toll already approaching nearly 100,000.

No matter what Trump or the federal government says, some schools are already determining there will be no in-person classes this fall. California State University, the nations largest four-year public university system, made that announcement on Tuesday.