Trump tells 30 million unemployed Americans: 'Well, it is what it is' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump sat down with ABC News' David Muir on Tuesday while he was visiting Arizona, and admitted that "it's possible there will be some" deaths as he moves to re-open the economy earlier than many health experts would prefer.

Trump was also asked to give a response directly to the 30 million Americans who are currently unemployed right now, and the first thing out of the president's mouth was: "Well, that is what it is."

Trump qualified his answer with: "Even the Democrats aren't blaming me for that," as if somehow to excuse the very poor numbers.

Before making this disastrous comment, Trump seemed confused which country he's the president of.

"I banned people from coming into China," he told Muir. What he meant to say was, "from China" but he didn't correct himself.

Trump sat down for the interview after walking around the face mask facility he was viewing, and ironically, didn't have on a face mask himself.

He met with workers who were wearing their masks which is the policy of the plant. When Trump walked into the facility there was a sign instructing everyone to put one on. No one in his entourage did so.