Trump team starts freaking out after their biggest 2016 backer abandons ship

President Donald Trump and his inner circle are worried that they're already behind the curve in money raised for Trump's 2020 campaign.

Trump officially kicks off his re-election campaign on Tuesday night with an Orlando rally and if you look at his current fundraising numbers, they are behind where Barack Obama was early in his reelection. This has the Trump family sounding the alarm bells.

“Jared doesn’t like what’s going on. He basically believes the RNC should be doing a lot better,” a former West Wing official told Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman.

Donald Trump Jr. is also on the phones trying to round up donors.

Here's a biggie: One of Trump's biggest financial backers in 2016, billionaire Robert Mercer, who spent more than $49 million backing the current president through various activities, is deciding to abandon the president. He and his daughter Rebekah were a huge reason Trump was able to pull enough money together in that campaign. Now they are no longer part of the equation.

“They think that the administration could do so much more. They’ve been very vocal about that to the president,” one of the sources explained.

A former White House official told the outlet that it feels “like they’ve disappeared.” “Crickets. They’re gone,” a prominent Republican strategist said.

With the Mercers not being able to be relied upon, that means Trump is needing to pick up the slack elsewhere and so far they just haven't found it yet.

While it's true that Trump has raised a lot of money in his first two years as president, that may not be the case now. His poll numbers are shrinking when matched up against virtually every top democratic candidate running against him and quite honestly, they should be much more for a sitting president. But, he already knew that.

Trump is setting a $7 million one day fundraising goal for Tuesday ahead of his Orlando rally but no evidence has yet been released showing that he has been able to do that.