Trump takes a shot at Obama while stumbling all over himself in 'national emergency' speech (VIDEO)

Trump was more than 30 minutes late giving his address to the nation on Friday while reporters gathered in the Rose Garden of the White House.

When he finally came out, he had trouble saying "coronavirus," in addition to other flubs.

It doesn't look like Trump is on his A-game today.

As soon as Trump started reading about the "$50 billion" in aid that could be available to handle this crisis, he started to slow his speech down and looked confused.

"This will open up access to very important-ly...very important and a large amount."

Trump's attempt to ad-lib about "telehealth" didn't go over so well, either.

Trump couldn't help but take a shot at Obama and the ObamaCare website.

"I want to thank Google. Google is helping to develop a website that is going to be very quickly done, unlike websites of the past, to determine if a test is warranted and to facilitate testing."

In addition to the $50 billion that will be made available for states, territories and localities, the national emergency declaration also calls for states to set up emergency centers, hospitals to activate emergency preparedness plans, as well as new authorities for the HHS Secretary.

Trump said he doesn't think everyone needs access to the test:

"Again, we don't want everybody taking this test. It's totally unnecessary. And this will pass. This will pass through, and we're going to be even stronger for it."

In his speech he also said he would be waiving interest in all student loans held by federal government agencies in order to provide relief to people.